oh hi there :) 
  • glad youre reading this!!
im just an ordinary girl 
pepero is life
maggie spicy is life
panda is the love life :D
  • lol ok serious
im intan safiya 
ppl called me intan 
family called me yaya (not weird huh?) 
im 14 this year and next year will be a really thug year 
pt3 :)
  • ok
my handwriting is cute+pretty (i think so ;p)
im not fair not dark 
it's just like......normal malaysians :3
not too dark and not too fair
i love buying things 
(ofc la that is typical girl right?)
really hate makeup (espcially lipstick -_-)
im pretty :P (#nohate)
im kind (depends on that situation la)
  • and not to forget 
im not really a kpoppers
but i love blackpink (go search sendiri la)
  • sometimes i like to think negative first and then i will go to positive 
im good at nothing-----------lol no lah just kidding bruh
really not interested in math and history (in my opinion they're 
ruining my happy life) 
i dont any special one except my family and bestfriends? hohoho
ok intrroduce urself pulakk :)
ok im the one that is the prettiest (lol just kidding)
im the right one :p
dont say anything
cauuuuuu :)