Monday, 10 September 2018

1st; she

im so into aizat amdan - jangan menangis lyrics
it's simple, yet meaningful
and im addicted with his soothing voice :'))

so today's small topic is all about this little munchkin, a friend of mine , fatene or tin or tinix or fatini fakid farid LOL
nothing to tell much about her actually
but she's one of the important person in my school life back then and i hope so it continues until we're in adults. 

she's completely has a different personality compared to me, her attitude , woah she's a total perempuan melayu terakhir. 100% she's perfectionist. i've never seen her tudung sekolah looks bad. and for add ons , that makes she is prettier than ever. Being in all girls hostel, you'll really know well about each of your batchmates there ,,and knowing fatini since we're freshies (form 1) makes me sticks to her until the last day we're in the same school.

a batch leader , she's known by every juniors as well as senior . with her charming smile for sure all the pupils are pleased with her. 
with her for estimately 4 years, i wouldn't regret this fate. she's there,maybe not always 
after prep,after dinner, prayers and also in the dining hall. All the struggles with her when we're facing big exam last year was truly a memorable one. gossips,she's standing with her own perception and hears everyones' opinion. i just couldn't search someone similar like fatini :)) 

the end , ihope if you're reading this ........ miss you weh :DDDD dan aku sayang kau sebab allah <3

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